A great 2022 High End Munich show

The words of those who came to visit us…

“Powered by flagship Strumento-level electronics, the system was just pure visual and aural gorgeousness. This was an expertly balanced sound across a well-extended bandwidth, where vocal presence stood out in a realistically sized image. In a track with well-recorded percussive accents, I was taken aback by the system’s handling of transient speed and attack. Of note too was the very accurate tonality”.

Edgar Kramer Editor-in-Chief, SoundStage! Australia

“This room sounds fantastic! Some of the finest sound reproduction at High End!”

Bryan Taylor Owner, The Gramophone Inc., Canada

“Sound wise this has to be said it was also stunning…”

“This room really showed what a great tune it actually is, it sounded alive and dynamic and I just sat down and enjoyed it. Well done guys, bravo!”

High End Munich 2022 Show Report Bird’s Eye View Part 2 | Hifi Pig

Linette Smith Hifi Pig Magazine

Thanks to everyone who visited our room and enjoined our sound. See you next year!